About El Toyon

The El Toyon Center (ETC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation with a focus on healthy communication, preserving & restoring relationships, and empowering individuals to resolve their own disputes. ETC leadership and key staff members each individually have over 200 hours of mediation and conflict resolution training.

ETC is located in the beautifully restored, historic El Toyon Mansion overlooking the American River Canyon and the Sierra Mountains. ETC is premised on traditional notions of retreat centers and the recent science of proxemics, which studies the effects of surroundings on our mental states. The property and Victorian home present a serene, quiet, and peaceful setting with heritage trees, walking paths, gardens and patios. Inside, the rooms are purposely decorated to be inviting and peaceful with plants, fireplaces, comfortable chairs and couches.   On site is a newly built classroom/conference room which can accommodate up to 35 people.   The unique setting and environment of the center will optimize peacemaking and reconciliation.

The unique and special characteristics of the site, gardens, greenhouse, classroom/conference room and Victorian home provide the opportunity for an exceptional center in Auburn.


The Historic El Toyon Center

El Toyon was built by the owner and operator of the Mammoth Bar Mine and local philanthropist Col. Walter Scott Davis. Construction was completed in January 1889, and Col. Davis and family moved in on January 30th.

El Toyon was well known throughout the area for its shingle style architecture and gardens and hosted weddings and events throughout its history.

El Toyon is in the National Register of Historic Places.